May 28, 2019

How do you recommend cleaning a travel mug?

First of all, great question! So many people don’t think about it. But, yes, you need to regularly clean your travel mugs and water bottles. We won’t dwell on the cooties. But, um, let’s keep it clean! Stay hydrated this summer and beyond without worrying about “kitchen sponge” ickiness!

Most mugs and bottles have a main chamber that can be detached and placed in the dishwasher — if it’s safe to do so. Oftentimes manufacturers advise handwashing. Our preference is to clean all parts by hand with sudsy hot water and an eco-friendly cleanser or vinegar plus baking soda. Give a good soak, maybe overnight. Follow up with a dishwasher, if available and recommended (read the packaging, slip inside the mug, or printed on the bottom).

Use a soft cleaning cloth or scrubbie that you use for glassware and porcelain. With plastic, don’t overly scour. You don’t want to introduce micro-abrasions that eventually dull the plastic and may provide grooves for dirt and microbes. An old toothbrush works great on crevices.

The first time you disassemble a travel mug or bottle, follow instructions. Or if not provided, try to remember how it all fits together. It’s fairly simple most of the time, but sometimes gaskets are fussy about their placement as are other leakproof features.

What are gaskets? They’re the fluid-tight rubber rings that often fit inside lids. They’re common on, for instance, Mason jars. Sometimes they can be removed by gentle nudging. If so, clean thoroughly all around and on any ridges. Let dry before placing back inside. Be careful not to stretch or tear gaskets. Replace with the correct side facing up.

Colorful (chakra coordinated!) DeBeen travel cups are cheerful, inexpensive, eco-smart, and fit in cup holders. They’re made of BPA-free plastic and include a matching straw. Handwash only.

Our colorful travel cups (see photo above) have a screw top as well as a gasket. The threaded part is simple to clean. Be sure to get in the grooves. See the gasket way up inside the lid? They’re sometimes a bit hidden — and can get super grimy.

Also note any permanent straws. At DeBeen, we believe in protecting the environment. Please don’t use disposable straws that don’t biodegrade! But reusable metal and plastic straws need to be regularly cleaned, particularly the part you place your mouth.

Get the right tool for the job! They make long skinny brushes for cleaning straws. We have an insider tip. Pet supply stores have inexpensive tools for cleaning bottles and drip attachments in bird and hamster cages that work great for human-use straws.

Something else to think about is what goes in the cup. The doctor agrees with those who say that coffee and tea don’t mix — except in DeBeen’s Chai-Coffski, of course! The doctor prefers separate cups for hot and iced coffee, and the same for hot and iced tea. And maybe a different to-go bottle for juice and water. It’s up to you and your budget, but some people are more sensitive to off-tastes than others.

Here are some of DeBeen’s travel mugs and cups. Choose your preference of insulation, hot or cold beverage, size and color.

Drink up!

It’s just about summer in the beautiful Carolinas, y’all! Get outside, be active, and stay hydrated! Take DeBeen on your travels, recreation and fitness activities, and wherever life takes you.

Remember that you earn a discount at DeBeen every time you use one of our or another reusable cup. This means incremental savings over time for regular customers. Your initial investment might even pay for itself!

Plus isn’t it nice to have a mug you call your own? That’s me! And you’re being eco-smart, reducing waste, and maybe showing your High Point pride.

What’s your take away? Do you have tips on cleaning mugs? Being green with cups, mugs, and straws? Send them our way! Also tag @ DeBeen on your photos this summer with our logo cups, mugs, t-shirts, and other merch and let us know if we can share. We love to see you, and so does the extended community, having fun and drinking up!

Have you taken a class next door at Pure Light Yoga?

At eight years, Pure Light Yoga is High Point’s longest continually operating yoga studio. Tucked inside DeBeen, Pure Light is locally and woman owned and operated.

We offer a wide variety of classes seven days per week, from morning to early evening, all levels from beginners to kick butt. We strive to make yoga accessible to almost everyone.

Our classes are taught by expert, caring yoga teachers, some of whom began as Pure Light students, and/or have studied with internationally renowned yoga teachers. Our teachers’ combined years of yoga experience adds up to decades.

Our teachers, special classes, and firsts — such as the first local studio to offer Rock Your Asana, yoga to rock music, and donation-based classes that support deeper yoga education — contribute to the ever evolving, fun and heartfelt influence of Pure Light Yoga within the Triad yoga community.

Our rates are reasonable. Drop-in for $12. Sign up for 30 days for $30, exclusive to new students. Continuing memberships are $45 or $60 per month, and students receive a discount on class passes.

Come in comfy clothes in which you can move. Go barefoot or wear sticky soled socks. Bring your own spillproof water bottle! Or maybe pick up a drink to-go at DeBeen. We have just about everything else you might need, including yoga mats you can borrow for free. Join us!

Thanks again for voting us The Triad’s Best coffee shop in Guilford County for 2018-19, and runner-up for best new bakery or dessert maker in 2019. And for being voted best yoga studio in the Triad for 2019, up from second place last year. It means the world to us! Thanks also to Yes! Weekly, which sponsors the annual readers poll.

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